Boy today did I see a sight, I pulled up an estate sale, it was not open and one of the elderly dealers was waiting outside. Joe was talking to me and he said he didn’t have a good feeling since the lady had told him to not even set a foot across the property line until the sale opened, I said that when they say No early birds and the people are kind of weird and don’t even want people waiting it usually means that they really do not have anything worth buying. I told him I didn’t plan on waiting 45 minutes to buy nothing.

He started asking me about the performance of my truck with fuel and mpg etc do I was telling him about how it did good, meanwhile the lady walked up the street and put her sign up at the end of the street. She was walking down again towards the house when a blue car driven by a pair of less than sane antique dealers bounced over the corner of the side walk, must have been going about 40 mph with the occupants of the vehicle getting thrown about, Then he drove along with the wheels up against the curb ran over a pile of bricks and rubble. Then reversed back over them, then pulled out and drove down the street and turned to come back up, least said, I told joe I am out of here, they might run us down or kill someone!

The dealers are called Mike and Renay. Everyone says that they are crazier than crazy. She will go to a sale and ask if they have any toilet tissue. She wears so much makeup that another dealer, Jim, calls her clown face and he is as crazy as can be and Jim calls him psychy Mikey and it seems very apt for them. I know he dare not say it to their face and probably tells them that someone else, anyone else is the one that makes these names up, but hey, they are all too two faced with each other it makes me laugh inside when I see them all being nice to their face and talking dirt when they are not there!

Well they forecast rain for today but it has not arrived yet today, I bought some nothing items again, as people would describe, chum, lol. I am not too worried, I expected everything to get rained out and not find anything at all.

I must say that for the most part people really need to go through their junk and dispose of it where it really belongs, in the trash can and not try and selling broken and used up items for ridiculous prices.