I wish, and I know that I am not the only person that buys at sales that would wish that somebody would do us a favor and kill those shows like American Pickers and Picker sisters who pay ridiculously high prices, higher than I can even sell the same items for.

Worse still, when you see the same item, exactly the same item, purchased on two different shows and claiming to have purchased from the same place it makes you wonder what else use as prop items from show to show.

I don’t think the producers of these shows realize the damage this causes to the Antiques and collectibles business in general. They don’t realize that it makes people believe that they can sell an item to a dealer at a yard or estate sale for as high or higher than its’ market value! It just doesn’t work that way and if these people were to put their items into a consignment outlet they would pay anything from 20 to 50% in commission, In fact if they were to pay someone to hold an estate sale the cheapest commission charged by an estate liquidator is 45% so if these people took into account how much it would cost in real terms instead of cloud cookoo land terms with hopes built up by these shows they would price their items at a price that would sell them.

Oh and we shouldn’t forget that estate liquidators keep the left over items from the sales yet I’ve seen private sales with prices far higher because they have seen pure junk sold for higher prices on these damn shows!