A few years ago I heard someone say that a person loved their stuff too much, at the time I didn’t really understand, or rather grasp, what they meant…

…that as until today!

There wasn’t really that many local garage or estate sales and I didn’t feel like driving out of town so I got up at my normal time and left for one at the far side of town. Needless to say that it takes 15 minutes to get there and with an opening time of 8am and my arrival of 6.15 in the morning I had quite a wait.

I decided to just sit and listen to music on the iPhone and shortly one of the antique dealers that lives in the valley, he’s an elderly gay man who is like an old fish wife, he gossips about everyone and if he doesn’t have any gossip he makes it up to fit his whims.

To say the least I will not talk to him, I’ve been the subject of his venomous gossip and enough said, one day I might tell you about it, lol.

Shortly after another dealer, John, I never really spoke to him or his wife until just before Dad passed away and I usually say hello to them when I see them out and about.

I continued waiting then another couple of dealers arrived, I never remember their names, I’ve heard the lady being referred to as “Ma Hen” and was told that it is because she is like a mother hen and very protective of her very quiet husband.

finally the garage sale opens. I had read in the advertisement that they had a Singer 301 sewing machine which is a Featherweight model and I thought that I could resell for about $300.

I get in, pick up the machine and ask the price, before she could answer I hear Jim whine that I had the sewing machine and that I was getting the only good thing there. I ignored him.

The reply was $400, I nearly choked and said, I will have to pass, it is just more than I really want to pay for it. She replied, you can make an offer and I could only respond with “You really don’t want to hear what I would offer so I will just pass on it”.

So I learnt finally what Loving their stuff means,

I did buy a few things that I can put into the antique mall or take to Rosebowl flea market or try on eBay.

Oh, the offer that I refrained from making?

That offer would have been $75, at the most $100, cheap bastard I hear you say….

…well it is relative to the others that I have bought in better condition with prices ranging from $20 to $50 and I have seen another dealer pay just $5 for one.

I have one that has been in the display case in the Antique Mall for two years and I only have $280 price on it and the customers are guaranteed 10% off and I would accept an offer of up to 15 or maybe 20% off.

Well I saved on gas, saved on spending too much and had a quiet day instead.