Well another Rosebowl flea market in the rear view mirror of life. It was quite interesting, after having rain forecast for days it turned out to be a really nice day, not too cold but not hot, perfect weather. Shame the customers were not the greatest.

This month we had another film crew in. It seems that Lara Spencer was filming segments for a new show along the lines of so many that we have already seen filmed. She filmed a lucite dining room table and chair set that some friends were selling and then shortly after she filmed a short segment featuring this horrible piece of furniture that I was selling. I purchased it several months ago from a yard Sale in Sun City California only to decide that it was not a good buy and at a terrible price. Since they had forecast the rain I thought that the terrible weather would not do it any harm. I had already made the decision to sell it for $20 and treat it as a dead loss thinking that someone, anyone, would buy it for that price….

… It was funny, lots of interest but even at that price they snubbed it.

One of there’s people that thought it was cool and saw the beauty under the ugly but walked each time.

After the segment filmed the one girl came back and purchased it for the $20 and left.

Literally minutes later a member of the production crew returned to purchase the bench and was shocked that the bench had been sold and they went racing to try and find the girl before she left the Fleamarket.

Five minutes later Lara Turner and the rest of the crew walked past and they looked flustered, then one of the crew asked if it had been purchased by their. Few and I said, sorry but it sold too girl and the person rushed to to catch up to buy it from her.

An hour or so later they came back and purchased the lucite table to use instead,