When is a huge sale not a sale?

When the sale consists of 6 items. Especially when those few items are either used up or of a design taste that nobody wants to buy them.

That was my thought about a huge sale this morning.

As I write this I think back to almost 10 years ago when I went to a garage sale. I had hurt my knee so I arrived and was slowly limping towards the sale. Got there and could hear the couple inside saying they were waiting for their son to arrive to help them because there was so much stuff that they would be robbed.

So everyone was waiting outside, Mike and Renay were near the front and kept banging on the garage door asking for them to open. The couple said they couldn’t.

Finally the son arrived and the garage door was opened. Only to find ipthat inside the single car garage was still the be vehicle and next to the wall was a tiny single card table with four or five trinkets, nothing worth more than a dollar.

Everyone turned and walked away, so I started my slow slog back to the car to get off to another sale.

Over the years I have built up a few rules.

1. If it says no early birds then it is usually not going to be good.

2. If they hold off until the time the sale is supposed to start and tell you to keep away until that time then it is a bad sign and means that they don’t want word to get out that they have nothing worth buying or are way too expensive.

3. If you drive up from a distance and see a fence with clothes hanging off it then the flags a out and it means that they have nothing great and what amounts to their old laundry is a sign of things to come.

4. if they use too many keywords in their advert them it is like an alarm and means that they are a dealer or want to be a dealer, expect the prices to be high or high enough to make it not viable to resell.

Over the years we have had a learning experience and you can tell a lot from the advertising.

A good example was a local Antique store/estate handler who would advertise, when they became too lazy to supply packaging they started advertising saying

“We are going green bring your own wrappings and boxes and bags to carry your purchases.”

When they really should have used lazy instead of green, having people bring their own packaging doesn’t make it any greener than them bringing packaging themselves, just less of an overhead for them…

… Ahem. Replace lazy with ‘cheap’. They were never cheap on the prices and we always laughed about that advertising.

These days they dont bother advertising, they put one ad on craigslist and that is, for me it means no loss.

Sometimes it saves a lot of time by not needing to go to a sale because it is blatant that it is not going to be one with great items.

Though these days I sometimes go to all the sales anyway.

note to me, remember the rules, save the gas and wear and tear on the trucks.