Rain rain go away, come again another day. Looks like a cold wet winter in ‘less than sunny California’.

Without fail the rain is falling on the days that people advertise estate and garage sales and man can’t live on Estate sales alone, the margins are just far too small or non-existant, combined together with the mistake purchases they are almost always loss making unless you find their rare pricing mistakes.

Well enough said, just not enough normal garage sales or people selling that price cheap because they do not know the value.

It seems, according to one sale that we visited this weekend, that the State Board of Equalization have been harassing them for not paying sales tax into the system from their sales. I guess that they got reported by a rival seller and had a visit.

I had to laugh because they only had junk, though they advertising starting with the phrase “No Junk Here”. I didn’t buy from them, there was nothing that would sell for more than they were selling and then they wanted to charge sales tax at more than the sales tax rate, almost double!

Well back to weather. Even though they forecast the bad weather it didn’t arrive until later in the morning. I had to take a package to the mail drop off, and who would be driving n the opposite direct was Mike and Renay, that crazy pair in their bumper car, like a pair of clowns at the circus.

I noticed that they had an indicator light burnt out, I wanted to say that it only costs a couple of dollars and Jim always claimed they were millionaires…..

…. Somehow I doubt it, I think Jim has taken too many drugs and believed too many of Mikes idiot stories, they are fabled because he always one ups anyone, if they say they had one thing then he has found two of them. Probably another psychological trait that he has. Will tell you more about that later.

Talking of Jim, havent seen him around for a week, it may have been him I glimpsed in the distance, I went another direction, glad I did not have to suffer having him within a mile of me, lol, I am getting to the stage that I could quite happily not deal with any of them and their double talk and lies between each other, it gets kind of old listening them telling whoppers to each other and trying to sound like they are doing better.

Hopefully the rain will happen tonight, Monday I have to take items into the store, business is picking up slightly and I may even get a check, makes a change but still making a loss out of there.

Tonight will be a rest night, tomorrow is my busy day, writing listings and pricing for the store, I need to rearrange display cases and make a new display with a Christmas theme. Will be pulling out all the baby chenilles that have shown no interest in the past 18 months. Will try them online or at the shows and make the display more Christmas orientated.

I am going to pull my singer featherweight out, I am sure that parts have been stolen from a conversation that I had with one of the sales girls at the store, will have to see what is missing and buy replacement parts and then get it sold at a show.

Talk later