While I, for one, do not believe that we are out of the woods by any means I certainly think that there is a tiny glimmer of light coming from the distance and while it is a speck the size of a mustard seed and things will pick up.

We are in the season of spending and people cannot help themselves. I am sure I am the only one that is too cheap to spend. I did my spending earlier this year giving people that I cared about loans that they had no intention to pay back but being a believer in only loaning what you are willing to lose I wrote that series of large loans off.

Enough said about that and back to the subject in hand!

Yep. I feel that people will start spending, credit cards may get maxed out but I am sure that things might improve.

In this light I am making a Stab at expecting business to improve and I am going to build up stock and make an early display of Christmas items and make a display case themed that way and put some high end items in the case.

I need to keep the momentum going that I have had this month after two terrible months in the antique store. I cannot afford to hemorrhage losses and that is what has happened too often. So a new era will dawn and I am going to focus on getting back to building the business and turning a profit across all the sales lines.

No more going to shows and selling my purchasing mistakes for the same price or less than I paid for them. I need to make a profit. Either make a profit or go back to working, just don’t want to go back to journalism, it ceased to be fun years ago, but realistically I have to make a choice and start looking for work. This is all a last stand if business doesn’t improve how I anticipate it to!