Well Thanksgiving is here once more, sales for this week will plummet while everyone focuses on standing in line and buying gifts for their loved ones. Sadly for the most part those gifts do not include antiques and collectibles, it includes new fun toys.

The antique stores are quiet, no not quiet they are closed Thursday! The mall I have booths is having a sale, but as usual they will offer discounts to customers and we will sell the same number of items and get less. Usual routine each time they have a sale.

Oh well, how does the phrase go…

…Gotta roll with the punches!

Online business has improved at least for the first past of the month, it will help subsidize losses within the business this year which declined in May and sat in the quagmire since then with very little improvement.

I’ve started updating some of the tables I use. I don’t overload them so I thought I would purchase a couple of those folding tables that fold into a single unit instead of taking my heavy swap meet tables with their separate folding legs. Easier to pack into the Cargo van and take up less room. At the end of the day that is what really matters. I invested $80 including taxes in two five loot long ones and will make life easier, with those, and if necessary the two card tables, it is likely that I will have plenty of table space for what I need and I will invest in a couple more in a couple of weeks. Then I can store the big heavy show stuff. I have decided it is time to modernize and make things easier. I need an easy set up.

I will not sell my older show stuff. It belonged to mom and dad when they first started the business and if I need them they will be there and be ready for use.