I had to chuckle, I was waiting outside an estate for it to open and talking to a few others when Ren and Gimpy, a father and daughter buying pair called Bill and Cathy came past, she Drove past and a few looked directly at them, I deliberately do not take notice of them, they are just strange people. They were mouthing abuse at everyone, or actually I think it might have been directed at me because I was not in my home town but a neighboring town. Strange as it seems though this town is closer to mine than to their home town which is about 30 mile drive while I live just over the hill.

I wasn’t really interested, it was cold and I was more interested in waiting for the sale to open, incidentally there was nothing that I wanted to buy there, so i was surprised when the other dealers all said, well there goes the crazies. I asked what they meant and the explanation was very similar to my thoughts about them.

I seems that they were at a sale with Ren and Gimpy and someone picked up something that they wanted and both of them started accusing the poor person of robbing them, in fact the verbal abuse continued with Cathy screaming at the little old lady until she handed the item to her and left in tears.

I had a similar situation though it was caused because I caught her steal out of the antique mall. they are dealers AT&T he same antique mall, While dad was still alive we were rearranging a large display case and i happened to look up and she was stealing from another dealer, putting items into a Christmas bag. I whispered to dad and we watcher her and then when she realized that we were watching her she put back the items and went back to her own booths. I am sure she returned and took the items after we had finished and left.

As to the name. Well I referred to her as Gimpy because for the longest time she had knee issues and was waiting for an operation, she wore denim jeans so tight that she couldn’t bend her legs at all and walked like an upturned catapult or Y shape. The name stuck. She finally did have the operation but went straight back to wearing denims that were way too tight and still walks in that same manner and you can’t miss her gimping along.

Her dad is just as hateful and had made two lady dealers move out of the antique store by screaming at them. One parking where he feels he, and only he, has a right to park. the other didn’t even get a reason, she never knew what she did but I suspect that she caught the daughter stealing, the lady implied as much when we spoke to her just before she moved everything out. She said that she made the mistake of telling the old man that he needs to tell his daughter that she could get into trouble if she keeps doing what she is doing.

As for his name, well there was Ren and Stimpy, now there is Ren and Gimpy. I suppose I could go with those other deals and just call them the crazies.

It did make me laugh inside when I heard that others had the same opinion since they always act like they are wonderful to people and that butter would never melt in their mouths.

I didn’t find any furniture which is what I was looking for, oh well, maybe tomorrow, I need to buy enough to cover the december and start of January period.