Yep, less than a week to go and it will be Rosebowl Flea market again, and I am dreading it.

Normally I load on the Monday before and get ready, I got home and I just didn’t feel in the mood to load, too much to do and I guess I am not optimistic about doing well out there. To make it worse, they increased ticket prices by 10% for sellers so that increases the cost of selling from $190 to $210, well it is not literally 10% it is $10 for each ticket and since I have one that was $110 and another that is $80 it is more than 10% for the one ticket and slightly less than that for the other! Either way it is a big price increase. The reason given was that costs have gone up…

…but I believe it is more a case of an increase in the number of sellers that are quitting because it is not financially viable and it is difficult to get out of the flea market at the end of the day because of the ever changing layout that means that it can take 40 minutes to leave the flea market.

The show also has fewer customers coming through the turnstiles, they claim that it is more people but as sellers we have noticed far less people walking around the show ground and they come in later paying the cheapest price possible to enter. Rather than charging less to enter they increase fees to customers and they then arrive late and want everything cheaper and cheaper.

Less staff and now we don’t see trash cans, shoppers dump their trash in our selling spaces and we have to clean that mess up at the end of the day.

Last month I had a customer angry because I wanted his driving license or $30 deposit on a furniture dolly (that he would get back upon return of the dolly). He couldn’t understand that I have lost on average one dolly each month because people buy items and don’t return the dollies in fact I think they keep them to move their purchase when they get home, I can’t carry that loss. The cost of dollies especially the two wheel variety is high, the last two cost me $60 each. The items that were purchased cost that price or less so effectively I gave Away the purchase or lost money on the purchase.

Saying that I would rather sell at the shows than out of the stores, I could sell cheaper at the shows and make more money because of the commission and booth rent costs in the antique mall.

Ideally I would rather sell online and focus on that but who knows how long before eBay makes it no longer viable to sell on there.