What is the name of that ‘law’, oh yeah, Murphy’s Law!

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong!

I have my cargo van loaded, I leave in plenty of time, get half way to Pasadena and I start hearing a slapping noise, it is not too bad and I try my best to ignore it. People that know me well know that I cannot ignore things like this. It was making me go crazy thinking about it.

I spent the whole day, not selling, I lost money! I was despondent about it and quite down in the dumps.

I hit the freeway and as soon as the van reached 65mph, slap slap then bang bang bang bang.

The noise was unbearable. Driving with the radio on full blast and still couldn’t drown out the noise.

The following morning I went into the store and realized that all the printed pricing tags, a box of priced items, was still at home. I hand write tags for everything but because I have left the display case keys at home as well so I cannot put away the 1940’s Buster brown Display Mannequins or the mid century crawling child mannequins.

So I leave them stacked in the front of the van, I open the passenger door and one of the mannequins falls out and lands on his head. A $550 mannequin literally shatters, his head is in a million tiny pieces.

I drive home, get the case keys and tags and return to the store. By now the noise is unbearable and is doing it at 50 mph now. I endure the noise and as soon as I get home and take it to my mechanics. They search for the noise, they can’t find the source and spend hours searching. They even thought about replacing the tires and I approved it. They then took it one time before ordering tires and happened to spot the seal for the windshield had come loose and was flapping in the wind.

So I call the windshield people who repair the problem, thankfully it was under warranty.

I’ve never been so stressed by this before.

I am glad that it didn’t turn out to be something major, I did have visions of the driveshaft falling off or transmission failing. I did make me sick worrying about it.

I do get one less worry, I have no show in January, I am taking a break off to focus on finding some cool stuff and get the business back on track.

If I don’t post before Christmas to anyone that reads it then enjoy your Christmas and New Year.