Oh I wish that there would be ground rules for people that plan to hold a yard, garage, fake estate sale!

Today was craziness.

There was not many sales advertises, nothing special about that in December, especially a week or so before Christmas! What was really irritating was that of those that advertised all failed to open except for one and that was really an insult, advertised as an estate it was really some rather short Mexican people trying to sell what looked like their dirty unwashed laundry. More gross in person that it sounds written down.

I could have saved gasoline and stayed in bed.

If people advertise that they are going to do something and give a date, day and time and describe what they are selling then they should at least put a sign up saying cancelled so that you don’t drive back multiple times in case they revere running late.

If they advertise Estate Sale then make sure it really is an estate sale and not a yard sale or garage sale. Worse still, don’t be an antique dealer using an empty home that they are borrowing off a realtor to hold a fake estate with the items that they cannot shift from their stores, and if they really do that then price them at massive discount prices to clear them.

I actually read an angry posting on Craigslist about this very thing by a dealer local to me called Jim Nicastro who had went to one of these sales, arrived really early to be first in line, waited all morning and then became upset because everything had antique store stickers on them and were priced at prices that not only left no room for resale but was higher than most dealers would resell the items at.

It did make me thankful that I changed my mind about waiting when I could not get a parking location near by and decided to pass on that particular sale.

It seems though that he has been victim several times to the same situation lately, though it really is his own fault. If an addresses is a retail strip mall location then then it ain’t no estate, lol. If the estate is in an industrial location then again, it ain’t no estate! Sadly when they choose to masquerade an empty home as an estate when they are using it as a retail location then that only hurts the people that operate genuine estate sales.