Sherlock Holmes make have said the very same if they had received the two letters I received today from RG Canning shows.

We are a victim of the construction work being carried out at the Rose bowl at Pasadena, California! Our double space has been swallowed completely by the building work.

They say it is just for the next two years, and then we may get our spaces back if the location is still available!

Some how I am suspicious of the word ‘temporary’ simply because most times that means permanent!

The locations that I received are numbered with a gap between them, that worries me, the sale point of the corner space and a middle space next to it is because the length of our vehicle precludes having middle spaces. We don’t always fill the two spaces simply because of the consequence of using a single large vehicle, we can fit in to the vehicle enough to fill the area that two vehicles would fill but not enough space for the vacant area that the missing vehicle would take up. Our cargo van sits squarely in the 20 foot of the space so if we are restricted to a single space to locate the truck then we can fit in but cannot get items in and out of the cargo van, lol.

I did phone them and questIon the locations and whether I would have both spaces together and the customer service person was really vague and put me through to the guy in charge, I haven’t heard back from them, I left a message and was hoping to find out.

After our family selling at Rosebowl flea market for the past 25+ years this could be the deciding factor about dropping the show and finding a new venue that is cheaper to travel to and where I can have a shorter selling day and cheaper booth fees.