Well certainly from my soldiers on the ground, thank you to Ben and Jim for your diligence in finding this information out for me.

It seems that I really should have taken up smoking and lit up when I received the letter and replacement tickets in the mail from RGC Shows! It looks like my 40 foot of frontage by 20 foot deep is not going to be 40 foot of frontage by 18 foot deep as they implied with their letter!

What it looks like is that my 40 foot of frontage is just 20 foot of frontage and 18 foot deep. Trouble is, the vehicle that I use is 21 foot long, that gives me a mere MINUS ONE FOOT of space to get my 1950’s furnishing etc out of the back of the vehicle and less than 1/3 of the previous space I had for displaying my product! Not only that, I no longer have my corner location so effectively I lose another 10 foot of frontage that I paid the extra.

Ben and Jim described the marking for the space as being a single space with the two space numbers marked one above the other, now if they are going to build a second floor to the space then I guess I would get that space but somehow I don’t think so. The spaces are marked


This means that I am paying $210 for a space that anyone else would previously have paid $90, while a fellow Seller is paying $120 for the same space size that would have cost $90, while there are others that are still receiving the same space for $80 that they paid for previously.

This Sunday, 12th February I will know for sure what the situation is and won’t just be speculation! I know that I will be rather upset and will have questions to ask the Staff at Canning Shows at the show and I guess that I may have to go through the Small claims court to make myself whole financially if the way the space is marked is actually correct and I am been screwed of a big chunk of my selling space.


Well lucky me…

…I was lucky enough to get my double space, the area was remarked and the old markings blacked out but…

… They made a charge for the May tickets equivalent to two corner spaces! So I sent te morning talking them on the phone and pointed out the charges for the new location would remain the same according to their letter and it’s bad enough being charged for a premium corner location but then to be charged another $30 for the inline section of my double space. He made an excuse and said that there was a mistake made during the switch to the new location but the price was correct on the tickets sent through the mail to replace the cancelled locations!