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Really eBay, you strive to force sellers offer a premium customer service experience but when it comes to giving YOUR CUSTOMERS good service you stink!

Your site has been not working on and off for the most of today, I thought I might be the only one with this issue but wait….

…there were others complaining. Though when I went to reply to one and say that it was not just them even their discussion forums went down and have been down ever since.

I phoned eBay after it took me over an hour to deal with a single transaction, missed catching the outgoing mail and delaying the dispatch until tomorrow for the customers purchase. Normally I can complete a transaction from point of payment to going out the door in a few minutes, usually less than five minutes!

The first person I spoke to was rude and refused to listen and promptly hung up on me rather than deal with my issue. I phone back and then get through to India, I go round in circles and she says she was placing a service ticket (somehow I doubt she did), So after 2 hours on the phone, a cell phone, I finally give up. Still at 8.40pm Their service is still patchy, at least I can get to selling manager though I produced a shipping label with it and it crashed out on me after eBay had taken the money. I lucked out and managed to select to reprint from their label history but it angers me.

The second person I spoken to refused to acknowledge my question,

“How does eBay expect sellers to give premium customer service when eBay not given premium service got their customer, the seller?”

I don’t know about others but it is a real insult to sellers to have to deal with shoddy service, ever increasing indirect fees from eBay and more pressures to offer a premium service, much higher expected standards than even eBay offer themselves and while sellers worked their backsides off in the preChristmas rush to avoid being flagged by eBay for shoddy service the big retailers failed dismally.

Please eBay, hold the sellers to the service level that you offer the sellers, better still hold the sellers to the service level that companies like Best Buy gave to customers at Christmas. How many sellers cancelled orders because they were out of stock, then take off the sellers that are big box sellers that you give special lips to backside service to that defaulted on their customers and you will find that your small sellers gave the best service on the Internet!


When you sell on eBay it is so frustrating, they take a simple process and make it less functionally that it should be. They could make life easier for sellers but they do not think of the obvious, they think of it from doing a specific function but in that process they forget that it should do exactly they imply.

A fine example if their bulk relist or relist as fixed price or edit.

When you add best offer it shows bulk options but these options only work if you already have best offer minimum values preset…

… Even though you are adding these in bulk and therefore it is obvious that these would not be set.

A simple corrective formula would be something simple like

If value=0 or value=blank then set value=buyitnowprice.

Then it can use the decrease setting. Of course it would lock out the increase setting because it would not be valid and then would give an error of best offer amount is higher than buy it now price etc.

So today I spent the time manually changing these settings because of a lack of functionality that should be in there.