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I wonder how many of you sellers make their sales through Antique Malls, I operate numerous booths of various sizes through a single Antique Mall in Southern California. Now I am willing to put up with many things, people can call me every name they can think of under the sun, they can spread gossip about my private life and make stories up to fill in what they don’t know, and they don’t really know anything at all because my private life stays private, except of course my thoughts and comments about buying and selling that I post on here, as you have noticed though I don’t really enter into details of myself or my private life.

It takes a lot to get me to tipping point where I finally lose control. Well here’s a story of the one time I really lost it with another dealer.

I took in a couple of pieces of furniture to replace sold furniture into the mall. I tidy up the booths and make them look at least presentable, I then go round and tidy up the other booths that I operate, giving them a quick clean etc.

I walk back to the rear of the store and happen to look down and on one of the pieces of furniture I had just put in and piled on top of this furniture was product from another booth. I had just gotten through taking the misplaced products back to their rightful booths and since the furniture was not in the store until I carried over the threshold of the store that morning like a groom carrying his new bride over the door of their first home!

I was so angry, I went down and had to walk round and calm down, My anger level was off the scale. I we still so pissed at it, not just because the only dealers in the store were the dealers that every calls the crazies but because they stood there waiting for me to find it and when I looked round and they had their shit eating grins on their faces laughing.

I calmed enough to go into the owners office and told him to fax the sales report to me and then finally lost my cool.

I told him that I have had their shit up to the eyeballs and I was sick Of their games, explained that this had gone on since before dad died and that I would tidy the booths and look round and find rap from other booths dumped or thrown where I had just cleaned and that it was only the crazies that were in the store and that this time it was blatantly obvious because they dumps it on something that I had only just brought into the store.

This is just one pet peeve, it drives me crazy, people should have the decency if they find something in their booth that belongs to another to take it to the correct booth, don’t dump it into another persons booths and don’t do just because you have an irrational hatred of someone.

You can tell that it made me angry, it took place on Monday morning and it is now Wednesday evening and I have just calmed enough to say something.

I made it my new year resolution to not put up with crap from others and stand up for myself! This is just a start, from now on I refuse to deal with people that I have either shirked away from or ignored it. Time to be strong and stand up to these people!

Another peeve from antique malls is when they don’t contact you when you sell large items or items of high value and then you arrive after traveling to the store only to find out that you will have to go home again and bring in a piece to fill the gap or spread out other pieces to make it look okay until you next come in. It is so frustrating.

Well off to continue calming down lol, thank you for letting me vent this, my single follower!


Oh I wish that there would be ground rules for people that plan to hold a yard, garage, fake estate sale!

Today was craziness.

There was not many sales advertises, nothing special about that in December, especially a week or so before Christmas! What was really irritating was that of those that advertised all failed to open except for one and that was really an insult, advertised as an estate it was really some rather short Mexican people trying to sell what looked like their dirty unwashed laundry. More gross in person that it sounds written down.

I could have saved gasoline and stayed in bed.

If people advertise that they are going to do something and give a date, day and time and describe what they are selling then they should at least put a sign up saying cancelled so that you don’t drive back multiple times in case they revere running late.

If they advertise Estate Sale then make sure it really is an estate sale and not a yard sale or garage sale. Worse still, don’t be an antique dealer using an empty home that they are borrowing off a realtor to hold a fake estate with the items that they cannot shift from their stores, and if they really do that then price them at massive discount prices to clear them.

I actually read an angry posting on Craigslist about this very thing by a dealer local to me called Jim Nicastro who had went to one of these sales, arrived really early to be first in line, waited all morning and then became upset because everything had antique store stickers on them and were priced at prices that not only left no room for resale but was higher than most dealers would resell the items at.

It did make me thankful that I changed my mind about waiting when I could not get a parking location near by and decided to pass on that particular sale.

It seems though that he has been victim several times to the same situation lately, though it really is his own fault. If an addresses is a retail strip mall location then then it ain’t no estate, lol. If the estate is in an industrial location then again, it ain’t no estate! Sadly when they choose to masquerade an empty home as an estate when they are using it as a retail location then that only hurts the people that operate genuine estate sales.

Yep, less than a week to go and it will be Rosebowl Flea market again, and I am dreading it.

Normally I load on the Monday before and get ready, I got home and I just didn’t feel in the mood to load, too much to do and I guess I am not optimistic about doing well out there. To make it worse, they increased ticket prices by 10% for sellers so that increases the cost of selling from $190 to $210, well it is not literally 10% it is $10 for each ticket and since I have one that was $110 and another that is $80 it is more than 10% for the one ticket and slightly less than that for the other! Either way it is a big price increase. The reason given was that costs have gone up…

…but I believe it is more a case of an increase in the number of sellers that are quitting because it is not financially viable and it is difficult to get out of the flea market at the end of the day because of the ever changing layout that means that it can take 40 minutes to leave the flea market.

The show also has fewer customers coming through the turnstiles, they claim that it is more people but as sellers we have noticed far less people walking around the show ground and they come in later paying the cheapest price possible to enter. Rather than charging less to enter they increase fees to customers and they then arrive late and want everything cheaper and cheaper.

Less staff and now we don’t see trash cans, shoppers dump their trash in our selling spaces and we have to clean that mess up at the end of the day.

Last month I had a customer angry because I wanted his driving license or $30 deposit on a furniture dolly (that he would get back upon return of the dolly). He couldn’t understand that I have lost on average one dolly each month because people buy items and don’t return the dollies in fact I think they keep them to move their purchase when they get home, I can’t carry that loss. The cost of dollies especially the two wheel variety is high, the last two cost me $60 each. The items that were purchased cost that price or less so effectively I gave Away the purchase or lost money on the purchase.

Saying that I would rather sell at the shows than out of the stores, I could sell cheaper at the shows and make more money because of the commission and booth rent costs in the antique mall.

Ideally I would rather sell online and focus on that but who knows how long before eBay makes it no longer viable to sell on there.

When you sell on eBay it is so frustrating, they take a simple process and make it less functionally that it should be. They could make life easier for sellers but they do not think of the obvious, they think of it from doing a specific function but in that process they forget that it should do exactly they imply.

A fine example if their bulk relist or relist as fixed price or edit.

When you add best offer it shows bulk options but these options only work if you already have best offer minimum values preset…

… Even though you are adding these in bulk and therefore it is obvious that these would not be set.

A simple corrective formula would be something simple like

If value=0 or value=blank then set value=buyitnowprice.

Then it can use the decrease setting. Of course it would lock out the increase setting because it would not be valid and then would give an error of best offer amount is higher than buy it now price etc.

So today I spent the time manually changing these settings because of a lack of functionality that should be in there.

Well another Rosebowl flea market in the rear view mirror of life. It was quite interesting, after having rain forecast for days it turned out to be a really nice day, not too cold but not hot, perfect weather. Shame the customers were not the greatest.

This month we had another film crew in. It seems that Lara Spencer was filming segments for a new show along the lines of so many that we have already seen filmed. She filmed a lucite dining room table and chair set that some friends were selling and then shortly after she filmed a short segment featuring this horrible piece of furniture that I was selling. I purchased it several months ago from a yard Sale in Sun City California only to decide that it was not a good buy and at a terrible price. Since they had forecast the rain I thought that the terrible weather would not do it any harm. I had already made the decision to sell it for $20 and treat it as a dead loss thinking that someone, anyone, would buy it for that price….

… It was funny, lots of interest but even at that price they snubbed it.

One of there’s people that thought it was cool and saw the beauty under the ugly but walked each time.

After the segment filmed the one girl came back and purchased it for the $20 and left.

Literally minutes later a member of the production crew returned to purchase the bench and was shocked that the bench had been sold and they went racing to try and find the girl before she left the Fleamarket.

Five minutes later Lara Turner and the rest of the crew walked past and they looked flustered, then one of the crew asked if it had been purchased by their. Few and I said, sorry but it sold too girl and the person rushed to to catch up to buy it from her.

An hour or so later they came back and purchased the lucite table to use instead,